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PostSubject: Club Membership    Club Membership  Icon_minitimeThu Jul 21, 2011 6:06 am

To become an actual Concept Krew Member is pretty much simple.

Any type of car is welcome.

You will first have to show interest and be active in our forums and/or other group pages we may have out there i.e. FaceBook, get to know everyone.

First and foremost important feature is going to be your personality, we will not even think about accepting a douche bag into our elite family. Anyone that cannot get along with others will not even be considered as a petitioner. To petition is to past the first step, personality and interest. This is our number one concern, a family should be able to get along with eachother and not bash eachother all the time, that would be a dis-functional one. That is not who we are.

Second thing we will judge and discuss your ride. Do you or will you have what it takes to be an Elite Member? Rides will consist of having a FLOW, meaning, your vehicle will be clean in all aspects. Close to show worthy, does your vehicle have the FLOW it needs to even get looked at? No we do not expect you to have the sickest ride out there, but we do want people to say "Concept Krew has some great rides! They got it goin on!" The AWE factor is what you need.

After being voted in as a petitioner, you will have nine months to bring your vehicle up to standards if not been yet. If you can do it within nine months then yes your membership can be voted in even sooner. If your ride has not been up to par after nine months then your membership will no longer be considered.

Petitioners will rock a PINK 10 inch vinyl decal on rear windshield thorugh-out your 9 month period. After you have earned your birth into Concept Krew your decal color will be white and 20" or 24". All members will have white for uniformity. Large one is placed on rear window, small 8" window be placed on front bottom of windshield on driver side covering your VIN. This way we are distinguished between supporters and petitioners and this is how we will be known in unison.

You (all members) will be required to attend meetings and/or meets at least once a month. If you can not make a meeting let us know, communication is key. Spending at least a day with a few members within a month will also be accepted as a meeting/meet. Must be with minimum 3 active members at one time for it to be considered for acceptance. Members must be actively involved. Attend shows, meets and so forth. We do understand life gets busy tho, Participation is very important to remain as an active member. Miss 3 in a row (that is 3 months), your membership is out. If no one hears from you, then your membership will be questioned and actions will be taken. The President and Vice President will personally remove all Concept Krew decals from your vehicle.

As a member you are representing a group of people not just your self. Don't forget to have common sense out there on the road. Do not attract any attention from the law, as you have our name stamped on your vehicle. Any results of this will cause the law to track down the Krew. It is important to as to there has been clubs that has gotten shut down due to ignorant members causing too much unwanted attention to their club. We also hold install/mod days at least once a month. Helping everyoen with a certain skill will hlep another who needs the help in that area. Why go to a shop if you have friends that can do it at no charge? Just food and drinks or other ways to show appreciation, but if you do want to pay, it's up to you.

Supporters can buy our decals at $5 a piece and will be in 10" (will not be in white or pink) we will have other colors for these seprate decals. T.B.A.
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Club Membership
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